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Residential Self Storage Containers

Why Use Self Storage Containers for Your Belongings?

Cassidy’s Self Storage Containers are a great way to store larger amounts of furniture and possessions safely. Whether you’re moving to a new location or you’re storing a few things at your home during a renovation, you’ll find you enjoy the convenience.

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Self Storage Containers are Convenient for Moving

Renting a truck is stressful because it’s time-sensitive: every hour extra costs you more. Plus, there’s the stress of driving an unfamiliar vehicle through traffic.

With you use a self storage container, you’ll enjoy these advantages:

  • Your container is delivered and picked up for you
  • Secure: weatherproof and lockable
  • You can move at your own pace with more time for loading and unloading the container
  • Moving-day weather is no longer an issue
  • You’ll know what the cost is up-front
  • No truck availability worries

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Self Storage Containers are Convenient for Renovators

If you need to clear some space for major home improvement projects, you’ll love working with self-storage containers. Mini-storage facilities are very popular, but they’re not really convenient. After all, you have to load your possessions into a truck and deliver them to the facility. They also cost more.

You’ll enjoy these conveniences when you rent a self storage container:

  • Your work is cut in half! You just load and unload the container once – the extra work of getting your belongings into the facility is removed.
  • No need to move your belongings through traffic to a facility – we take care of pickup and delivery.
  • Your belongings remain on your property in a lockable, weatherproof container
  • When you’re done renovating, your belongings are easy to move back in

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Self Storage Container Dimensions

Cassidys Residential Storage Container

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Residential Self Storage Container Specifications

Please note that some municipalities have bylaws that do not permit the usage of 20′ shipping containers for storage. In some rural areas, however, this may be possible. Please contact Cassidy’s if you think you may need a larger container and you live in a rural area.

20 Foot
Outside Length 19′ 10″
Inside length 19′ 5″
Outside Width 8′
Inside Width 7′ 8″
Outside Height 8′ 5 1/2″
Inside Height 7′ 9 3/4″
Back Door Width 7′ 8″
Back Door Height 7′ 5 1/2″
Wheels None

Total Cubic Feet


Maximum Capacity

20,000 lbs.


14 Guage Steel

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Cassidy’s Self Storage Container Rates:

20 Foot
Weekly Rental (1-7 days) $75.00
Monthly Rental (1-30 days) $150.00
Delivery of Container $150.00
Re-position of Container $150.00
Pick-up of Container $150.00

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