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Compare Cassidy’s Self Storage Containers to Pods

We believe we have the best option for moving and storing your things and we invite you to compare for yourself.

Cassidy’s uses new, bona fide shipping containers made of heavy duty steel – the same ones designed to stack 5 units high or higher on freight ships. These 14-gauge steel containers are much more secure and durable to keep your belongings safe.

Temporary storage just doesn’t get more secure!

Cassidy’s Self Storage vs PODS

Here’s a side-by-side comparison:

Our 20′ Shipping Containers


Durable 14-Gauge Steel Walls yes  
Steel Roof yes  
Waterproof yes  
Secure Heavy Steel Swing Doors yes  
Breathable to Prevent
Condensation Buildup
Vermin Proof yes
(venting holes are smaller than the width of a pencil)
Larger 20′ Long Containers
(1,360 Cubic Feet)
Protected from Ground Water yes  
Cargo Tie Downs Inside yes yes
Over 100 Years Experience
Moving Families
Order Online yes yes
Keep Container as Long as You Need yes yes
Store Container at Secure Facility yes yes
Deliver to New Location if Needed yes yes
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Self Storage Container Construction

Look at a POD’s container and then look at a Cassidy’s Self Store and Move Container and you will quickly see the difference.

  • Unlike PODs which use thin aluminum covered wood walls, Cassidy’s uses 14-gauge steel walls.
  • While PODs uses a thin polyethylene roof, Cassidy’s uses steel.

Don’t take a chance with your possessions!

Value in Self Storage

Cassidy’s prices per month are comparable to mini-storage rates without the expense and trouble of getting your goods to the mini-storage facilty.  You save time, trouble and expense. Cassidy’s Self Storage Shipping Containers are delivered and picked up anywhere in the Upper Ottawa Valley for the same low price – that’s cheaper than renting a truck! We pay the gas, insurance and take stress out of the driving. Why would you rent a truck?

Cassidy’s Residential Container & Commercial Container Specs:

Our 20′ Shipping Containers


Outside Length 19′ 10″
Inside length 19′ 5″
Outside Width 8′
Inside Width 7′ 8″
Outside Height 8′ 5 1/2″
Inside Height 7′ 9 3/4″


Description Lockable, steel, barn door style
Back Door Width 7′ 8″
Back Door Height 7′ 5 1/2″


Forklift Tubes 7 1/2″ wide steel


Opacity Steel


Wheels: None
Floor Wood Floor, marine grade plywood or planking
Cargo Control Tie downs on floor and ceiling

Total Cubic Feet


Maximum Capacity

20,000 lbs


14 Gauge Steel

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Cassidy’s Self Storage Container Rates:

20′ Storage Container

Weekly Rental (1-7 days) $75
Monthly Rental (1-30 days) $150
Delivery of Container $150
Re-position of Container $150
Pick-up of Container $150
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