Proper loading of your Cassidy’s Self Storage Container will keep your goods safe and use the space most efficiently.

Here are some tips you can use:

  • Load the heavy items first on the floor and against the wall to form a base
  • Put progressively lighter objects on top on your base to create a tier
  • Build tiers progressively from the front to the back
  • Fill in every gap with smaller items from the floor to the ceiling
  • Pack tight to reduce movement during transit
  • Stand couches on end and on a piece of cardboard to save space
  • Wrap all furniture in paper pads or bubble wrap
  • Take apart all tables and shelving to save space
  • Remove mirrors from dressers
  • When loading, remember to fill every void, e.g. between chair legs
  • Tie major appliances and large items to the wall
  • Tie off the shipment at the end
  • Load upholstery and mattress off the floor

For more tips, our partners at United Van Lines have produced this informative document:

Loading Tips Document